Goodbye SpreeCommerce, Hello World

Embrace the adventure, where one awesome adventure will end the next one will start. So, as you might have guessed, I do not work for Spree »

Contribute to Spree - Setup git and github

In this small guide I will share the setup I use to contribute to SpreeCommerce. Disclaimer: This post contains some content written by me and others »

Store your Spree Images on S3

Currently (>= 2-2-stable) the Spree backend does not give you the option anymore to configure s3 for image storage. In this post I will show you how »

AppSignal deploy notification with Cloud66 deploy hook

If you are using AppSignal and your are deploying your app with Cloud66 you miss out on the default (capistrano or heroku) deploy notifications. Luckely both »

Please implement 'compute_mock(mock)' in your calculator

The update to Spree calculators in Spree master are doing some dynamic class name loading to call the specific compute method. When you are working with »

Spree master assets namespacing part 2

When you are working with the latest master of Spree, there is a breaking change committed here . The source for this change was this (closed and »