SpreeConf registration opens!

Today the SpreeConf NYC 14 website launched and you can finally get your hands on those tickets. Be quick, the early bird ends this year! Really »

Asset namespacing in Spree#Master

Update: still some confusion on how to fix this all. The one and only way will be written real soon! :) New blogpost about this can be »

SpreeConf 2014 is back in New York again!

So the ghost is out of the bottle :). SpreeConf 2014 will be in NYC again. Save the dates February 26 and 27 and join us on »

Better Spree::Calculator

While working on improving the calculators for Spree I wanted to provide the developer implementing the calculators a proper message when they want to calculate something »

Ghost blogging platform

So I will be trying out the ghost blogging platform. Like it so far! Now all I need is some more content :) Expect some Spree Commerce »